A week with Terence Tao: the Rism School of Insubria rewards the Californian mathematical genius

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Riemann Prize Terence Tao

Terence Tao, a world renowned mathematician based at the University of California in Los Angeles, has been announced as the first recipient of the Riemann Prize in Mathematics, awarded by the Riemann International School of Mathematics (Rism) of Insubria University in 2019 and then postponed to 2021. The Riemann Prize laureate will participate in person to a week-long celebrations in his honour, culminating in the award ceremony on Friday 24th.

Activities will involve not just mathematics. Indeed, a wide cultural tribute which includes local history, literature, figurative arts, music and theatre will set Varese under international spotlights, through the beautiful locations of villa Toeplitz, Varese center, Estense palace, Napoleonic hall at Brera palace in Milano.

Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) was among the greatest mathematicians of all times. His name is all over modern mathematics and his work served as a crucial tool in Einstein's development of general relativity. He lived and worked mostly in Göttingen, but late in life he traveled through Italy and especially in Insubria.

The Riemann Prize was established in 2019, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Rism. Along with Rism and the University of Insubria, the prize has the patronage of all public and private universities of Lombardia, and co-sponsored by the University of Milano, University of Milano-Bicocca, the government of Regione Lombardia, and the municipality of Varese. It will be awarded every three years by an international committee (the first one composed by Enrico Bombieri, Institute for Advanced Studies; Alice Chang, Princeton University; Ron Donagi, University of Pennsylvania, Louis Nirenberg (1925-2020), Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Nyu and Daniele Cassani, the President of Rism, University of Insubria) to outstanding mathematicians aged 40-65 who have reached breakthrough achievements, as a tribute to the prominent figure of Bernhard Riemann. The prize consists of a piece of art made by Master Marcello Morandini and the 18K gold Riemann medal.

More information at www.rism.it- presidente@rism.it - www.marcellomorandini.com


Program of the Riemann Prize Week

Monday, September 20 (Varese - villa Toeplitz, via G.B. Vico 46)

15.30 Opening at the presence of authorities
15.40-16.10 Renzo Dionigi, Varese - “The Green City”
16.20-16.50 Lino Pertile, Dante's Numbers
17.00 Corrado Greco and Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Music tribute
18.00 Cocktail

Tuesday, September 21

Morning (Varese - Aula Magna Liceo Scientifico Galileo Ferraris, via Sorrisole 6):
11.00 Terence Tao, Sendov's conjecture for sufficiently high degree polynomials

Afternoon (Varese - Marcello Morandini Foundation, via F. Del Cairo 41):
15.30-16.00  Michele Emmer, Arts and Mathematics: 1946-1949
16.00-16.30  Alfio Quarteroni, Let Marcello Morandini’s pictures play
16.30-17.00  Isabeau Birindelli, Unexpected manifolds
17.00 Corrado Greco and Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Music tribute
18.00 Cocktail 

Wednesday, September 22

Morning (Varese - villa Toeplitz):
10.30 Varese Design Week - tribute to Terence Tao by the artist Vittore Frattini
11.00 Terence Tao, Almost all Collatz orbits attain almost bounded values
13.00 Lunch box for participants

Afternoon (Milano - Napoleonic hall of Brera palace - Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, via Brera 28):
16.00 Address by Stefano Maiorana, Carlo Pagani, Daniele Cassani
16.15 Lectio Magistralis by Terence Tao, “Singmaster's conjecture in the interior of Pascal's triangle"
17.15 Interview to Terence Tao, by Umberto Bottazzini

Thursday, September 23

(Conference in honor of the awardee in Varese - Aula Magna, via Ravasi 2)
11.00-11.50 Claudio Procesi - La Sapienza, Riemann and his time
12​.00-12.50 Michael Struwe - Eth, A Liouville-type result for a fourth order equation in conformal geometry
13.00 lunch box for participants
15.00 -15.50 S.Y. Alice Chang - Princeton University, Conformal Geometry in 4-manifolds
16.00-16.50 Camillo De Lellis - Institute for Advanced Studies, The Mumford-Shah functional and its challenges

Friday, September 24

Morning: (Riemann Prize celebrations in Varese - Aula Magna, via Ravasi 2)
Present: Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Sarah Maestri, Elisabetta Pellini

10.00 Opening at the presence of authorities
10.20 Delivery of the Riemann Prize sculpture by Marcello Morandini and the Riemann Medal
10.30 Interview to the Riemann Prize Laureate
11.30 Riemann Lecture by Terence Tao, Universality and possible blowup in fluid equations
12.30 Orchestra Poseidon - Accademia Musicale Papillons
13.10 Lunch box for participants

Afternoon (Varese - Gardens of Estense Palace):
17.00 Antonietta Mira and Raul Cremona present the show, Math is Magic  
18.00 Bridging to Varese Design Week.

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