In-person lectures and workshops: the university's guidelines for Academic Year 2022/23

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Thursday, September 15, 2022
in-person lessons

In-person lectures and workshops: the document establishing the "Guidelines for the safe management of teaching and research activities, for the Academic Year 2022/23" useful for safely carrying out institutional, teaching and research activities at the University of Insubria, has been published. 


  • Lectures, educational workshops, and other face-to-face teaching activities for three-year, master's, and single-cycle courses are always conducted in presence, with faculty and students in the classroom;
  • Classrooms must be used at 100 percent of their potential weekly capacity: everyone must do his or her part, with the utmost willingness and spirit of cooperation with the departments in charge, to achieve this result;
  • For "mandatory attendance" courses only, the student must book the classroom seat through the Student Booking App (SBK) to attend class. The student must book the seat for each lecture he/she intends to attend, even if conducted in the same classroom. Upon arrival at the Learning Pavilion, the reservation must be presented to the Concierge staff for validation as a function of attendance verification, subject to any subsequent and further control by the course instructor.
  • Remote teaching is provided, via Microsoft Teams platform or recorded lectures at the instructor's choice, to:
    - Students with certified mobility disabilities upon request and where specified in the personalized training plan drawn up with the University Disability Service;
    - Students residing abroad awaiting completion of enrollment in the University's courses;
    - Students enrolled under the agreement with the Civil Service Department for the PA110 e lode project.
  • Lectures of PHD, master's and postgraduate courses, seminars and training courses activated in A.Y. 2022-2023 will be held in presence as a priority. If, for the sake of efficiency, the teaching envisages the delivery of some lectures/modules/seminars at a distance, these will be delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform;
  • Proficiency examinations will be conducted exclusively in-presence;
  • At each class change (both at break and at the end of the class), the concierge staff is responsible for checking and opening the classrooms' windows for enough time to ensure air volume exchange before classes resume.


  • Activities are conducted in presence;
  • It is recommended to wear respiratory protective equipment (mask);
  • Educational workshop activities may be conducted by dividing students into groups/shifts according to the maximum capacity established according to the standard crowding density (0.2 pp/sqm).


  • Graduation sessions are held in PRESENCE at expressly and specially designated classrooms with a quota number of users;
  • It is recommended to wear respiratory protective equipment (mask);
  • The number of candidates per session may not exceed 10
  • The candidate may be accompanied by a maximum of 10 guests who must be accredited in advance according to procedures defined and communicated to undergraduate students before the graduation session;
  • The candidates' and authorized accompanying persons' names must be communicated by the Education Secretariat to the SGL VA/COs according to the defined modalities;
  • Students with certified mobility disabilities may request to take their graduation exams remotely via TEAMS connection;
  • Any kind of celebration and staying of participants in the University's spaces after the event is strictly prohibited. Graduate students are responsible for their guests and any behavior on their part that transgresses the University's regulations.


  • It is recommended to wear respiratory protective equipment (mask);
  • For activities carried out in research laboratories, the crowding densities are the standard ones (0.2 pp/sq m), respecting the distance of 1 m between workstations.



Buildings are open according to the hours published on our web page
Student-focused offices receive the public in a mixed mode.
The ordinary reception mode is remote: virtual appointment bookings will be handled through the INFOSTUDENTI service. Alternatively and in case of actual need, an in-person appointment may be booked, to be conducted in compliance with access requirements. However, the user can always go to the office during opening hours of public information desks, respecting the priority for booked users.


Libraries are open to the public according to the schedule published here:
Lending, photocopying and printing services and document pickup: services are provided in presence. Digital text lending services aimed in particular at students are active through the Media Library On Line Insubria Portal and Pandoracampus

Access to the library for consultation and individual study is freely allowed in compliance with the library operating regulations. Bibliographic information and assistance (Reference) and Information Literacy activities are conducted in mixed mode, partly in presence and partly on remote.

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